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The mezzanine is a shelving system, which has several floors (from two to four) shelf, pallet or combined storage.

The main purpose of the mezzanines is the maximum use of the height of the room during storage and processing of boxes and piece goods. This is especially true in conditions of small storage space.

For lightweight mezzanines are characterized by the following features:

  • the total load on the section reaches 5 tons,
  • sections are not long,
  • the design is made of lightweight profile and, as a rule, two floors.

Floor overlap in the mezzanines can be organized over the entire area of ​​the structure or only in the aisles between the racks. High-strength MDF or galvanized metal gratings capable of withstanding loads up to 1000 kg per 1 square meter can be used as an overlap.

The overlap is placed on special longitudinal and transverse beams installed between the racks with a certain frequency, based on the required load per square meter.

The design involves the same aisles between the rows of racks on all floors of the mezzanine or a solid platform of the upper floor, fenced with railings.